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a butterfly flying on the wind
a quiet prayer that someone sends
those are truly pictures of innocence.

A puppy rinning at your feet
a baby laughing pure and sweet.
A kitten purring to be loved
rolling over for a tummyrub
those are things that God has sent
those are pictures of innocence.

A child laughing running round
making such a joyful sound.
A rainbow painted cross the sky
the breeze blowing thru the trees
beauty sent to please the eye

God's love sent down to us
safe and sure for all to trust
Michael Jackson dancing there
sparkles flying with his graceful flare
He moves in ways that are beyond us all
he can seemingly float right thru the wall
He seems to float and glide on air
and I can only stop and stare.
For all time this man has been
the very picture of innocence.
His heart is pure
his love is sure
he only has the purest mind
a gentler being you'll never find
for Michael Jackson is good and kind.
He is God's purest form of love
he came down from Heaven above
to be the angel God has sent
He is my picture of innocence.

Tami L. Cook (c) 3-24-2005

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