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From Eagle Wings To Angel Wings

Mike Maine was a treasured friend
he was a true Eagle to the end.
He was one of a kind,
a nicer person you could not find.
If you needed something big or small,
he'd be there to give his all.
It didn't matter if you were slow
or what you did or didn't know.
He never looked down on you
his heart and soul were good and true.
He always had a cheery smile
and we would always talk awhile.
For whatever reason he was here
I will always hold his friendship dear.
He surely earned his Eagle Wings
throughout his time on Earth
and no money is equal to his worth.
Now he soars on Angel wings
I pray he watches over us
because to me the though of this
great comfort to me brings.

Tami L. Cook (c) 6-27-2005
In Memory Of Mike Maine

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