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I Say A Prayer Today
I Say A Prayer Today

to help Michael on his way,
to hear the truth that he only wants to say.

I say a prayer today
because he needs one
to take all his fears away
so he can sleep when day is done.

He needs some prayers and all our love
a plea to God above,
for he's as gentle as a dove
He's good and kind
and only has the purest mind.

He needs some good and happy thoughts
and know our love is strong enough
to show him now we'll all be here
to let the truth be sought.

It doesn't take a scientist
to see great things are done today
and I thank Michael for this...
for it's just his natural way.

So I thank God every single day
that I have Michael Jackson here
to help me on my way
and to my heart I hold him very dear.

The quiet sound as rain comes down
the funny dance of a circus clown,
the gentle smile in a baby's eyes,
the twinkle of the starry skies
are Michael Jackson personafide
teaching the world far and wide
that the truth doesn't need to run or hide,
but the light of innocence is on HIS side.

Tami L. Cook 5-14-2005

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