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My Love Grows Stronger

No matter how they try to take Michael from me
they will never do it can't they see?
My love only grows stronger
even if the road grows longer.

My love grows stronger in my fight
because I feel Michael Jackson's magic light.
My heart beats the sound of his name
and I hope his feelings are the same
because he is very special in his own way,
my love grows stronger for him every day.
I will never stop loving him no matter what they say.

I lost one friend who left this world so quickly
but I will fight for Michael Jackson willingly.
I will stand by him and I will make my case
untill the day when I can see his face
smiling at me and I can tell him so
and let him and all the world know
my love grows stronger for Michael Jackson every day
and no matter what they do to me
I will never go away

My love grows stronger
like the light that will forever shine
because it's from the heart
my love grows more every day
and will last for all time.

Tami L. Cook (c) 7-14-2005

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