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Ol' Dumb Dumb...UPDATE
Ol' Dumb Dumb Sneddon
couldn't get his job done
too bad too bad
our babee has won
So ol' dumb dumb
better duck his head and RUN!

What was he thinking with his dirty mind?
Why is he persuing somone so kind?
What does he think he's gonna find?

Ha ha ha he can't hurt Michael anymore
he will never settle his score
because he has no reason to do that
he's all that he says and 100 times more
he crawls on his belly across the floor
he belongs in the sewer
with the rats and menure!

I hope he wakes up and realizes this
he needs to stop this vendetta of his.

The world loves Michael Jackson so much
we'll pretect Michael with the love
with one united touch
of angel wings and prayer
we will never give up or be afraid to care.

Ol' Dumb dumb is done,
Michael has won
we will not falter we will not fail,
God's love has prevailed.
Together with Michael we stood as one

Tami L. Cook (c) 6-15-2005

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