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Quiet Feelings (I am Michael Jackson)

I hurt, I love, I laugh, I cry,
I feel all these things I don't know why
I hear your insensitive words
you make fun of my skin
you use one whole category
that I don't belong in.

You say I'm a freak and that I like little boys
you make fun of me because I like afew toys
you call me queer and strange and other names
only because I can play children's games.

You don't know I feel these things to the bone
and you wonder why sometimes I walk alone.
You say I'm strange and that I'm not a normal man.
Define me normal I bet nobody can,
You say it's strange that I like Peter Pan.

I'm Michael Jackson and I have feelings too.
I would bleed red blood just like you,
except if I'm Zanny then I have licorice in me,
but I'm only like that for people who love me.
I feel like any other person God has put here
I feel the sting of the hurtful words the media says
It makes me cry and adds to my loneliness.

I play with my kids in my great big backyard,
cause going outside the gates is way too hard.
I play with my animals because they only know love
they are unconditional sent from God up above.

I feel, I laugh, I hurt I cry,
the words that you say are all lies
and everytime I hear it
a part of me dies.
You don't know me or will you ever try
but if you took then time to talk to me
you would see me for me
and not wonder why
I have become the man I am today.
I am Michael Jackson and I have feelings too
I just keep them quiet
because I don't want to waste my time with you.

Tami L. Cook (c) 7-6-2005 About the Media From Michael's Point Of View

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