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Two Angels
One angel walks along the ground,
making joyful music heard from all around
another angel walks among the clouds
I do my best to make him proud.

One angel comes to me when I need someone to talk to
one angel is there, the voice inside my head
the one I used to be able to tell anything to.
He knows the trouble the other angel was in
and he was there when I saw the trouble begin.

One angel helps me thru his special magic light
one angel is now looking over me helping in his fight.
One angel lives in God's Kindgom where I know he can see
the other one lives among us here on Earth
singing songs about healing the world for you and me.

The one I really miss is gone too soon from here
I have many memories tho that I hold very dear
altho I can close my eyes and see them plain as day
it doesn't make it any easier if I may say.

Michael Jackson is an angel here on Earth
and no money will ever match his worth
So why does one man try to take him from me too?
I call upon the other angel to help me keep him safe from harm
because someday I hope to be in Michael's arms.

The other angel knows what Michael means to me
he watches over quietly but I know that he can see
he heard the times when I would cry
when Michael's days were going rough and I would wonder why.
He knew when I was happy when Michael's days were good.
This other angel knew how I felt and understood.

Tami L. Cook (c) 7-8-2005

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