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Watch Over The Angel For Me
Please God watch over Michael,
for he is an angel which you gave us to love
you sent him down here from up above
his heart is as gentle as a pure white dove
and his innocence we want them to prove.

Can he be the person that he was?
Can he have back the bliss he has had?
Can they give him back the smile that's now sad?

Please watch over our Magical Child
for that's what I'm praying for all the while.
He's helped so many people he's done quite alot
and what he's done for me I have never forgot.
For he is standing strong but it's getting so hard
it's getting so difficult for him to stand tall
and it's getting easier to see whe the evil ones are.

Please keep him safe in the thick of this mess
and let him regain his childlike happiness.
He has an essence that's nothing earth-like
more like the Heavens have come to this world
to help him make happy every single boy and girl.

He only wants to love us with an open heart,
and I've always felt that right from the start.
Please God keep this man safe
deliver him from evil to the happiest place,
Neverland is special, sacred and dear
I love Michael so much that I want to be near.

He's Peter Pan I have heard him tell
I want so badly to be his Tinker Bell
I hopw he can hear me and that he will know
my love for him will never stop, only grow.
His energy helps me to move and flow
and that is why I love Michael Jackson so.

Tami L:. Cook (c) 6-10-2005

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