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Don't Mess With Michael
It's just not right
to mess with Michael Jackson,
to add to his plight...
if you mess with him,
you're gonna get a fight.

Michael's getting wise now,
lookin' at the light,
he sees the world now as contrast,
stark black or white.

His eyes have been opened,
he's still got the power,
you've done made him mad
in this his darkest hour.

Don't mess with Michael if you wanna see tomorrow
'cause he will stand against you even in great sorrow.
He's got a right to life his life
without trouble or strife,
he's got the power to take back his name
and restore his tarnished image
that's been a victim of his fame.

He'll take the stage
release his rage
and break free of the cage
that holds him fast
he's gonna last
he's gonna conquer his trampled past.

Don't mess with Michael if you know what's right
'cause he will stand up to you and fight,
he's seen your evil ways TS,
Don't mess with Michael Jackson

Tami L. Cook 5-12-2005

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