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Stand Strong and Know We'll Be There
 When you are feeling low
 and you think no one could know
 take some of our happy thoughts
 to keep you standing strong
 take some of our prayers
 and let them be your song.
 Take care to rest awhile
 upon your Zanny cloud
 for even you grow weary
 from the din that seems so loud.
 When all is dark and quiet in the middle of the night,
 let our prayers surround you on a beam of moonlight
 and know that we are with you leading in your fight.
 I want to be with you and keep you in my sight
 because you in my life mekes my world seem right.
 When all the world seems so wrong
 I hope your heart will hear our song
 and you will feel our happy thoughts
 to keep you standing strong.
 Take care of Michael Jackson
 for there's only one of you,
 but if they make another Zanny one
 then I can have you too.
 I know at times you're fragile
 and this really gets to you...
 So I send some happy thoughts
 and prayers along the way
 for when we see that magic day
 Take care and be well for you are one of a kind
 a more special person we will never find.
 I still say you are Peter Pan and this is very well,
 I've got lots of pixiedust...I'm your Tinker Bell!
 So on the beams of sparkling light
 I send my love and prayers that this turns out alright!
 Tami L. Cook (c) 5-16-2005

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