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One Voice

One Voice
Crying in the Night
One Voice
Whose World is not Right.

Whatever happened to Simplicity?
Sometimes I wish
I didn't even own a TV.
It happened in February
That is when the realization of it all
hit me........

I sat stunned
Contemplating what I had just seen.
Then I decided that the whole thing turned

I thought about it
And then I thought about it again.......
Was it just ME?
Did I have it all Wrong?
Something about it
Just didn't belong.........

Not in my world
I thought
What IS this?
Something's not Right.
Something's Amiss.

I had alot of trouble sleeping that night
Tossing and turning
Getting up
Putting on the light......
Pacing the floor....
Driving myself half crazy
Thinking I don't need this
No more.

I thought and I thought, and I thought some more.
Then I wrote a letter to Michael,
Telling him We Love You More.......

I committed myself to whose side I'd be on..........
The person who gave me joy and love with his songs.
All of my life, through good times and strife, and I knew
my decision had to be right.

In June of 2003 when Michael went back in Indiana,
I thought "This is my one chance in a Lifetime" And I'm gonna take it. No
one better stop me,
Or even try, cause I'm gonna see Michael in person one time before I die.

I worked that night, and slept for an hour
Loaded up my son and hit the road. We drove over 200 miles,
When we Saw Michael the next morning, we were full of smiles.

The feeling being there I had was certainly shown
On everyone's face there, including me.....
And I KNEW that was where I wanted to be......

The people were so friendly, we had a common bond
We were there to support Michael, and we knew we
were not wrong.
In Gary, Indiana, the place Michael called home.........
A place he should feel he is Never alone.
In a land far away from where he is now,
It was nice, it was cozy and warm.

Bottom line is, Wherever you go,
You are still
One of Us.....
Our feelings of Love overflow
And We Love You More, Than You will Ever Truly Know.....
You give us hope
You give us inspiration........

Just like the Jackson Five always can,
In a world gone wrong.
In a tired and confused nation.

Your Music lifts our spirits, It helps us to carry on.
We will Fight for Truth and Justice,
And we owe alot to Gary, Indiana's Favorite Sons.
All of Them for getting us through,
This thing called life,
We credit all of You for putting smiles on our faces, and making things seem
all right.

Thank You!!!!!
U help us Thru!!!!

jckb (from Iowa)

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