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For All Time I Will Love Him I'll Never Walk Away
For all time I will love him
for all time I will pray
I will never stop loving Michael Jackson
I'll never walk away.
I say a prayer for Vindication today,

I ask you Dear Lord to hold him close
to keep him safe in your care
and make sure he knows
just how much he's helped me to share
my time with others near me
to hold onto people who mean most to me.

I ask for your help to be strong for Michael
to show him I care and I will be there
to hold him up high
and never let a good thought go by.

I ask for some smiles even thru tears
and for Michael to keep being himself for many more years
to be able to hear the fans' adoration and cheers
as he Moonwalks his way across our heart's stage
as his life regains its splendor and turns a new page.
Help him please God to write and create
for it's agonizing for him to have to wait.
Help him to take this his greatest stand,
and let me be there to hold his Zanny hand.

I know he wants to sing and dance
and all I ask is for One More Chance
to have him do what he does best
bringing a world full of happiness.

Give him back his magic for it makes him special
give him back his hope for it's all any of us have
give him back his light to shine so bright,
and let us give him back the dreams he still has...
but most of all let us thank YOU up above
for creating Michael Jean Jackson for all of us to LOVE.
In Jesus' Name I pray
and have been every day...AMEN

Tami L. Cook 6-11-2005

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