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Innocent until proven guilty

Innocent until proven guilty?
Or guilty until proven innocent?
I was always taught the former
Taught of goodness, justice and compassion
Taught to wait for the facts
The truth to emerge, the honesty of time
To believe in an essential goodness
That resides insides a person's heart
Until an evil enters, like a cancer
The darkness concealing the light
Justice is supposed to represent truth
Support goodness, beauty and light
Protect the innocent, punish the guilty
Provide harmony and safety for the many
But is justice the same as truth?
Does it seek honesty and purity?
Or has it become the twisted view
Of those tainted by society?
Those led away from pure innocence
Abandoned by truth and the purity of love
Has it been influenced by the darkness
A shadow concealing the light
Guilty rather than innocent
A defense required in court
Stamped, tainted, tried by fire
The truth swamped and lost along the way
Has darkness engulfed the system of justice?
Can people no longer see the truth?
Can anyone trust the 'police' of humankind?
Or has a blackness settled over them
A blanket blotting out the light
But wait, a corner of the blanket is lifting
A small light begins to emerge
Is this truth, honesty personified?
Is this the way, for all to follow?
Purity, warmth and love, a message of peace
A person misunderstood, judged and found guilty
Perhaps too pure for this life, shining too bright
Causing many to shield the light, believe in the darkness
Too afraid to see the truth
Too afraid to believe ...
Unable to look directly
Into the light

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