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Michael Thru My Eyes
His hands are soft his heart is pure
his mission is true his message is sure.
His goal is for love to heal the world
for every single boy and girl.

For if we let the world know
Michael's love will help it grow
from a seedling into a tree
to the promised land for you and me.

Michael sings of hope and peace
but sometimes we neglect the both of these.
He sings how we should give and share
open our eyes and take time to care
but we forget and fall into dispair.

Michael looks thru Child's eyes
still not afraid to ask the "why's"
like why does a hungry child cry?
Why must a sick baby die?
He's not afraid to find the reason
no matter what the time or season.
Every day is Christmas
and Michael works in God's own way
to help us all to save the day.

What makes me sad is this:
Michael Jackson is all he says he is
but many people want to dis
because he is not afraid to be himself
he won't put his heart on the shelf.

He won't tell you he's too busy to play
or tell a child to "go away".
He will take you by the hand
and take you on to Neverland.
He always has love to spare
and whoever he's with he will share
his innermost thoughts
he's not afraid to care.

I see a man who says he's Peter Pan
and not afraid to take that stand.
For those who know me all too well
know that I'm his Tinker Bell
I have faith and I have trust
and I'm never without my Pixiedust
to sprinkle on the two of us.

Michael sees thru a child's eyes
but this is Michael thru my eyes
His hands are soft, his heart is good
His love is of the magical kind
and he only has the purest mind.

Tami L. Cook 5-21-2005

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