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What I want for Michael

I want him to have peace,
I want him to have love
and still feel the light of God above.

I want him to have hope for the future
to see the path he is on
I want him to be able to still carry on

I want him to be happy and have hope every day
I want him to know he is loved from lands far away
I want this to be the things that he feels
and what the music of his songs tries to say

I want him to have magic that comes from within
I want him to dance thru the darkness and let the light in.
I want him to know how much I love him.

I want to tell him what I am feeling inside
and just how much I have prayed and cried.
I don't ask this just for me,
but all who love him from sea to sea,
and most of all for MICHAEL,
it's his life they are messing with doesn't anyone see?

For the time is now come to send out a cheer
for Michael Jackson's vindication is drawing near.
I want for Michael to have his children by his side
and no longer have to run or hide.
I want to marry Michael this I will tell,
he's Peter Pan and I'm Tinker Bell!

Tami L. Cook (c) 6-4-05

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