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What If I were There?
What if I were there in the courtroom on that day?
What would that man have wanted me to say?
Would he  have asked me what I knew
or would he judge me unfairly too?
I would make my strongest stand
holding fast to Michael Jackson's hand.
My arms would be around him,
I would hold him very tight.
My heart would say a prayer for him
because I know his heart is right.
Michael keeps me safe at night
with his magic shining light.
If I was there on that bad day
I would hold his hand and pray,
I would look that judge right in the face
and tell them all my side of the case.
I'd tell them Michael is good and kind
and he only has the purest mind.
He is far from meek or mild
but he would never ever hurt a child.
That's what I would stand and say
if I was in the courtroom that day.
 (c) Tami L. Cook 5-15-04

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