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June 13th 2005, The Day The World Witnessed *Innocence Rise*
Hearts pumping
Tears in eyes
Sweaty palms
Thoughts of last goodbyes

Silence waits
Thunder in the distance
A roaring crowd
A heart of a nation

A time set
To dance with the devil
Silence kept for 23 hours
A tearful rub against my shoulder
Can you stop?
And pull that SUV over

I'm having all these thoughts
One could wonder
I'm begging you God
Bring on the thunder

I grab my flame
And light another candle
Hurry Michaels almost around the corner
What has become of this day?
More thoughts cross my mind
To early this morn
A conversation with the Music Lady
She said its Michael's time

The verdict is in,
On My Lord
Please hear my prayer
Michael we love you more

Hold him so close Lord
Give him our strength
His Sea of Humanity is here
No one can break our chain

I am sitting here
Biting my nails
Michael walking in
I'm shaking so violently
The candles are burning dim

The news broadcaster says
The Jury is walking in
Judge says be seated
Running my finger across my chin

Hearts beating so fast
I'm crying so loud
I'm yelling to God
Let Innocence rain down

Live feed kicks in
A hush heard round the world
As we are silently waiting
To hear fait unfold

Count 1 Not Guilty
Stunned; I couldn't hear
Count 2 Not guilty
I burst into tears
Count 3 Not guilty
Rested my fears
Count 4 count 5 even 6
I praised the Jury
For seeing through this
Count 7, 8, 9 and 10,
I was jumping up and down
For his truth was finally found

What has happened with this day?
I'm crying so hard
I don't know what to say
Thank you God
For answering our prayers
And thank you supporters
For doing what you dared

We are a Sea Of Humanity
With innocence running free
I'm proud to swim beside you
My Michael Jackson family

We can do anything
If we try
June 13th 2005
Proved truth diminishes lies
When we think of this day
That now lies in HiStory
May we always remember
The strength and faith in his eyes
The eyes of human race
Take a look at innocence
May you rise…


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