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Like A Mother Would Do
{I Love You}

It's like you came into my life
When I needed you the most
The feelings I have,
For so long I have wanted
I finally have
And it's because of you
Doing everything you could for me
…Like a mother would do

It's like you have created
Another part of my soul
And this part is filled with
Love from you,
For you
…Like a mother would do

It's like I came from your heart
Not known until I was
Taken away in the dark
And then your light
Led me home,
Now it feels like peace
Because of you,
Doing things
Like a mother would do

You've given me something
I have always wanted
Siblings of young
To share with
And to love
Because of your light
And your beautiful gifts of life
I have this something I have
Always wanted
Because of you
….Like a mother would do

You love and guide me
And help me through
You show me I'm never alone
I have a sister
A mirror of you
And I have two brothers
That love like you
Because of you
Like a mother would do

Thank you
For giving me these things
I will never be able to replace
The love of another
My sister and brothers
Sweet mirrors, of our `mother'
I thank you once more
For giving me all you do
Because of you
Doing things for me
…Like a mother would do


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