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Angel of the Light
A lighthouse sits on a lonely cliff
seemingly deserted, empty and dark
then one day a light appears
the first one in many years.

An angel's presence fills the space
a gentle stranger with a pleasant face.
A keeper of the guiding light
leads us thru the foggy night.

The ship that's lost will find it's way
safe untill the break of day
The gentle stranger was once my friend
and his life came to an early end.
But now he is the keeper of God's light
he will make sure that I'm alright.

Now he keeps the eternal beacon bright
from a Lighthouse in Heaven
watching over all of us below
and in small ways he lets us know
that he's still here to get us thru
the Angel of the Light
will always be there for me and you.

Tami L. Cook (c) 7-8-2005
For Mike Maine 1944-2005

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