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~Beautiful Love Letter~, ***From Your Fans***

Everyday we come together
At different times,
In many different ways
For the same common purpose
We feed each other
With the same intentions
And colorize our lives
Seeking the same protection

We hold hands across the world
From nation to nation
Every walk of life
Standing tall,
With determination

We are on a mission of love
One that can't be defeated
We are a chain of hope
Continually seeking
Our leader

Everyday we get together
And honor the very one
The common purpose
We strived for
Michael, God's son

Together we moved mountains
With our chain of love
And Michael Jackson
Was touched by grace
From the one above

Now every year
We will celebrate the day
In which our hands
Were held together
And our chain of love
Was carried by the dove
Into this beautiful love letter

We Love You,
We Celebrate You
And Miss You…
Your, Fans

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