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Be Careful Mr D. A...
Be careful Mr. D A
be careful what you say
for you may wake up a changed man one day.

You say you don't like black people
you don't like them anyway?
No matter if they are not hurting you
no matter what they say?
Does it not matter what they do?

What if you woke up one day
and you looked exactly that way?
The hunter chases the bear
who pretects her family
You chase the person who
seems to be doing the same to me.

You chase without mercy or thinking what you do
and only corner the person who has nothing to do with you.
The bear will fight for her very life
she will attack when in struggle or strife
The person will attack in other ways yes
he will use magic, love, truth and justice.

You Mr. DA are a terrible man
for going after someone just because you can
and I hope you know that's not in God's plan
for you to persecute someone so kind,
I hope you see what you're doing
thru that very person's mind.

Tami L. Cook 6-10-2005

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