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Michael, Please Remember
Please remember we are here
we all cried out in one big cheer
to know that you would still be here.
I want you to know I hold you very dear.
We still care...we will be there.

We cried on the bad days
we laughed on the good,
we gave you our prayers and our love
and sent out prayers to God above.
Your heart is as gentle as a dove

Please don't forget us for we love you so
and every day my love for you grows.
I don't want to let this thought of mine go
I really need to tell you and let you know.

I love you so much it breaks my heart
that you and I are so far apart.
Remember how when I was twelve
I hung your pics in my locker and on the shelf?
I had you there all to myself
I didn't want to share you with anyone else!

But the world is cruel and heartless at times
and it took your beautiful message as a sign
of how we need to get along in this place
and put the world back in God's grace.
Someone tried to take you away
without reason or explanation and nothing to say
but unkind words and lies that made no sense
they only ran very feeble sprints
and the day the verdict came away they all went.
The truth carried on
running the greatest of marathons.

Michael please remember how much you mean
to all your fans the world over who dare to dream
who just want to know you're OK and all's well
Your voice is as clear as a crystal bell
your message still rings throughout the land
I still will hold onto your Zanny hand
and you can still be my Peter Pan
I'm your faithful friend Tink,
I don't care what others think,
please take me with you to Neverland!
I'd gladly give you faith, love and trust,
and I can always spare one Pixiedust!

I love you more Micheal Jackson this much is true
and every day I wish I could see your smiling face shining thru,
because I am starting to really miss you.

Tami L. Cook 8-26-2005

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