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Missing You
Michael, wherever you are,
I am hoping you are not far....
I know you have a life of your own,
A Private one, where you can be all alone.
With your kids and be a Family man,
Getting them breakfast,
Doing the things for them that you can.
I respect that greatly,
Really I do,

But I can't help Missing You.........

I too, have a life of my own,
My kids and my granddaughter too.
She makes me laugh, I call her Jaeden Foo Foo!

I don't know what I would do, without them
In my life....
But I still think alot about you
At least once a day,
And at least once a night.

I cannot help it, you see,
You were put on this world the same year as me.
You have been with me, on this planet
For Most of my life.

I am a mere 3 month older than you.
I wish I had accomplished half of what you do!

I still have a picture of you in my head,
Something I will never forget.
It happened in 1969, when we were eleven
Much simpler times.

You were on the Ed Sullivan show,
In a purple hat and suit, singing
Whose Lovin' You!
I was only eleven, too!
and I thought
I AM! And millions of other girls just like me too!

I knew then I didn't stand a chance,
That you would find your own romance,
But it is still fun to wish and dream,
Once in a while,
Michael Jackson,
I Like Your Style........


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~I'm Missing You Today~

I got so used to seeing you everyday
Your smile embedded into my thoughts
The way you walk.
The way your arms sway
I can't believe how much
I'm missing you today

My mind is so used to seeing you everyday
Finger running across your chin
The way your hair
Blew in the wind
Your feet stepping
Into my glare
Oh Michael,
I can't believe how much
I'm missing you today

I got so used to seeing you everyday
The way you presented yourself
With the Victory sign
The way you kissed your fingers
To touch the hand of time
Oh my God Michael,
I'm missing you today

Where ever you are,
What your doing everyday
Please remember
How much we love you
And honor your being
Honor your innocence
And honor your meaning
I got so used to seeing you everyday
I think that's why
I'm missing you today


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